emmanuelinspace_Pre-internet porn was a simpler time. Seeing a boob was a big deal back then and there weren’t a whole lot of moving pieces of flesh when you were 13. Sure getting your hands on your dad’s Playboy was great, but video is king.

There was Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries and Compromising Situations on Showtime which were the A+material. However these were only on at midnight and taping them was a pretty risky move. Plus you’d always have to be on edge you wouldn’t get caught. This led to finding shows that showed a boob or a movie scene where a boob flashed to get by. Here is the list of the best scenes I recall.


Wild Things (1998)

The cream of the absolute crop. Denise Richards had the best tits in the entire world when I was 15. There were about 4 scenes in this movie that were all worth watching starting with the car wash. The champagne on her arched back was also the tits.


Hackers (1995)

Da Vinci! Zero Cool! The Plague! Tons of great references in this average movie but let us all not forget that Angelina showed her boobs. Not the most erotic scene but you take what you can get. This was hardly my favorite scene back then but it being Angelina makes it worthwhile.


Just One of the Guys (1985)

I swear to god if you watched this movie when you were young you must remember the scene when Joyce Hyser whipped out her tits. She goes from a tuxedo to an enormous rack in a split second and you know you saw something but it’s such a glimpse that it leaves you wanting more. If it wasn’t on tape, you’d have to scan the TV guide until it came on again and you’d be sprinkled with a short 2 second clip for the spank bank.


Starship Troopers (1997)

THIS GIRL. We all wanted to see Denise Richards character but it was Dizzy who wanted the spotlight back then. Not a bad movie by any means but Carmen would have made it in the history books and instead everyone just talks about dongs in the bathroom.


ShowGirls (1998)

Jesse didn’t do it for me back then. I’m sure I saw this years after its release but I was more turned off than turned on by Elizabeth Berkely. I think it had to be that she was next to Kelly all those years and could only get the attention by getting naked. ShowGirls had an NC-17 rating which also made it gain a lot of exposure.


Disclosure (1994)

I never actually watched the entire movie but I remember my parents watched it one night and said it was too racy for the children. Obviously I wanted to see what was there. Here is the actual scene and it’s pretty tame by today’s standards. Nice rack from Demi. Michael Douglas played the male role and in conjunction with Basic Instinct, this guy really pulled the movie tail.

Under Seige (1992)

Erica Eleniak (whose name I only learned today), but remembered from BayWatch surprisingly, whipped her boobs out in this one scene in Under Seige. I know that Steven Segal was in the movie but couldn’t tell you one part about it other than this scene which was the only reason I watched.  Somewhere near the middle.



The Specialist (1994)

Sharon Stone’s nakedness combined with Sly Stallone’s muscular body make this a superstar sex scene. I almost didn’t include this one because Sly’s ass is pretty much featured though out the entire scene but I feel like the list wouldn’t be complete without it.

The Specialist

I know I missed Bound and Species but I don’t believe I watched through them entirely.