Last night’s NFL game is one of those feel good moments. The Chargers beat the Bronco’s outright and I was all over it. I had 3 units on the Bolts (down 6 for the season) and picked them in the pick’ em straight up (13% chose them) and ATS (31%). Out of Softerware’s pool only 2 of 30 chose them. People hate you when you pat yourself on the back and they were wrong.

rivers_wont_cry-0So why do I make this post knowing that most people will like me less when I make it?

  1. I got to add some cool sheep to the photo above.
  2. I get to gloat.

This was not an easy decision. The Shee sent me a tidbit that the Bronco’s have won 15 straight divisional games on the road and had covered 14 of the last 15. Evan Silva predicted the score would be a 2 point Bronco’s W which meant to bet the Chargers. The Chargers were 1-4 but their losses were all close. Home dogs are a good place to play from and I went against the grain. Hopefully this will continue my momentum and I can turn that -6 into some positive results.