Putting Time In Perspective

milky-way-over-clouds-restI know this post will come off as similar thoughts on “i’m just one of 7 billion sheeple” but not to at least think about time in this way makes you stupid.

Dumb people tend to view events from a “holy shit, I can’t believe this is happening”, whereas people who read an article like this think, “our society is just one of many who have occupied time on this Earth.”

I specifically like the evolution of how “humans” spent their. Since you were too lazy to click the link:



What Do I Make of This?


jesus-does-not-exit-in-the-historical-record-all-we-have-is-this-selfie-jesus-christ-never-existedWhat hits home for me is the Jesus interpretation. Jesus was in the “small blue” area. He was just a bro in a small period of time. You’re talking 150,000 years of humans on Earth. Humans call this year 2016. Not special.

earthfrommoonYour time on Earth is a spec. When you watch Hillary battle Donald, this is only two political human beings looking to run America. America is a space of land on the Earth where we live. The Earth is a planet that exists in a humongous solar system. Many people have been alive before you and there is a good chance there will be many after. Flying cars and artificial intelligence will be the future. There is a good chance that human beings either blow themselves up or global warming extinguishes everyone.

It’s flipping awesome that we are alive in the age of computers and can share information like this. The human race will progress at light speed comparatively. We are alive at the coolest time in the history of our world. Makes you wonder what the hell people did 10,000 years ago.