Still this skinny.

The good ol’ days.

Jordan, “the weens”, is an absolute nut. I do approve of his comment though as this is the material that the readers crave.

He dug up a post I created on 11/5/09 that you can read here about my thoughts on the sun visor in your car. I had to re-read my stance as it happened back in the ice age, but he sent this comment about the said post.



This post has bothered me since I read it, probably years ago. In my 23 years of existence, I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed more about anything in my life then I did about your remarks regarding the sun visor. We are getting into the season now where when I drive to and from work I’m constantly driving into the sun. I use the sun visor every day, and every time I put it down I think to myself “how can Tom not only understand the use of this brilliant invention, but to feel strongly enough against it to write a post about it.” It honestly blows my mind. The sun visor greatly increases my visibility while driving. I hope that since you wrote this post, your views on the matter has changed. I would appreciate an update post regarding this matter. I took a picture today while i was driving to work which I will send to you. I tried posting it in this comment but my phone wouldn’t let me. Hopefully the picture helps you understand the importance of the sun visor. If you do decide to write an update post, please post the picture and explain to your viewers how you could possibly think the sun visor is useless. Thank you for your time.


Here is his picture:




My Updated Take

First let’s all revel at the amazing camera of the Iphone. 125kb was sent to me through message (I since photoshopped the quality upward). I’m sure if it was emailed it would be better. My thoughts:

  1. What the hell is going on in this picture? The Weens was probably going 25 mph, pointing his phone at the rear view and trying to catch this women having the entire sun blocked by her visor. Turn around next time so we can get a clear shot! Fuck the person’s bumper in front of you.
  2. This woman looks like she’s against the wheel. I think I see her cheek touching the windshield.
  3. I’m assuming his point is that the dark shadow covering her eyes is preventing all sunlight from reaching her and she’s able to see.

Have I started using my sun visor since I wrote that post 6 years ago? Absolutely not. There have been a few times where I’ve been blinded by the light but I decelerate and squint my way through it. I don’t disagree that sun glare is an issue, but I don’t use the visor. Still think it’s stupid and this photo between a man taking a picture through his rear view and a women who appears to be looking down while driving, make me think sun glare is the least of my concerns on the road. My firm stance is the sun visor takes up 50% of the windshield which makes it harder to see, not easier. I don’t mind if I’m alone on this one. If you’ve read this sentence, please vote.

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