Steve McGrath was nice enough to invite me the Eagles game at no cost. I jokingly asked how far down on the depth chart was I before I got the invite. Higher then Sam was the answer. Jon Bond and I drove over to Steve’s to drink some beers before heading over to the game. Steve’s sister’s place isn’t the ideal place to watch football due to the TV being a ViewSonic and the lack of NFL Redzone but we made it work. I brought over exactly 7 beers and Steve had a 30 pack that between 4 of us we were going to kill. I don’t get to hang out with Jon Bond too often but he cracks me up because in my own mind I think of him as a 75% person. If Bond was in a bar fight and he was telling the story he would say it was him vs these two huge meatheads when the reality is it would be him vs a girl and teenager. Everything he says is with great intensity and sounds really exciting but if you use a 3/4 factor, then you’re probably closer to the reality. But he’s entertaining and we get along fine. There were 4 of us and the other person was a girl named Margaret. She’s from Kentucky and pretty nice. She’s a girl who can drink beer instead of the chicks who only drink hard alcohol which is a nice quality. She also says Fo Sho, dig it, and drinks Bud Heavy as I learned it’s called down South. Steve rounded out the crew and knows how to have fun. Once we made our way to the Subway he was sure to point out how much of a Colts fan I was because I didn’t have any Eagles attire. I really didn’t mind much and found it pretty funny. We got to the parking lot and finished off the case which I thought was a good job for an afternoon of drinking. We missed DeSean’s first TD but still got there within the first quarter.

I personally find the game more enjoyable watching it on TV but it’s all about the experience. I feel like I miss out on certain finer points and it’s difficult to tell the yardage sometimes. Plus the lines for concessions and bathrooms are insane. At one point I really had to pee and left at the perfect time before the rush hit the bathroom. So I’m waiting for my turn and the quarter ends and I’m standing in line just about to go before this massive line starts forming behind me. So it’s my turn and the stream isn’t coming so I’m just standing there for what seems like eternity and I’m getting the feeling the person behind me is wondering what the hell I’m doing so I just panicked and left without going. An extreme case of stage fright. So I sat back in the seat and waited till the line subdued and then went back at a less extreme time. Very nerve racking. The Birds ended up winning and the night went off without a hitch. No problems in any regard and the traffic was easy. All in all a good experience for my first Eagles game which was a long time coming. I got back at around 9, watched Dexter and then bit the dust as I was exhausted from drinking all day.

Quick fantasy update as I will not go undefeated for the 3rd straight week. Sam Levin knocked off my team in Steve’s league for control over 1st place. I’m up on Wagon in both leagues but neither is over as he has Monday night players out the ass. Should be close though depending on what kind of game is played. I did win in Bud’s league and will take 1st place after tonight’s game. I also made one bet on TB which proved to be a winner. Fun day all around.