I find the attention that the birthday generates as mostly unwanted but it’s only one day a year so I just suck it up and deal. I didn’t really do many exciting activities, so I don’t have much to share. I went out to dinner with my family and their others which turned out pretty good compared to the direction I thought it was headed. We were going to go to Redstone in Plymouth Meeting but that was a 3 hour wait so we went looking for a place called Plaza Azteca and they have the wrong address listed so we were driving around there searching for that. Once found it proved to be a decent spot with a wait not so bad and everyone had a reasonable time. They even sang the birthday song for me which Nicole sadly missed. At night we just went to Mad River and everything was pretty much standard.

This is the biggest fantasy football week of the season for me as I have to play CK4 in both leagues and Sam Levin in my other league which is for 1st place in the standings. Playing Chad is like playing a raging bull (Jeff uses that) and fortunately Steve McGrath invited me to the Eagles game so I get to miss watching the games with Chad. Essentially this boils down to another day of getting wasted but I’m game. I felt pretty awful yesterday and even manually puked for the first time in years. That’s probably not true but puking is far and few between for me. As a Philadelphian it is said to say that I’ve never stepped inside the Linc so I can finally cross that off my list of things to do in Philly. Everything else is good though and I’ve survived another year and now get to feel older than I did. Oh boy.