Wow. I am hurting. That was just a 3 day, stay drunk the entire time. I started drinking after work on Friday. Open bar at Mad river. Club Risque on Friday night. Woke up Saturday and started drinking again. Mini golf then a poker session. Passed out at 6pm and rewoke up at 9. Started drinking again. Went to the brew pub. Woke up on Sunday where I told this bartender I would meet her at 9 and we would do a shot. Got there at 12ish. Did the shot. Amazingly got her number which I put in my phone incorrectly. Got back at 5 where I passed out till 9. Lost in Monopoly and finally went to sleep at midnight where I woke up at 8 today. I have the shakes and my head and body are yelling at me. This is an overview of what I did and there are many more specifics in this weekend but I’m not sure going into them is a good idea. I can’t wait for this day to end so I can get back to normal tomorrow.