I’ve been keeping this blog for about 6+ months for what? I think I used to do it to entertain people and let people know what goes through my brain on certain topics. Lately though I think I’ve just stopped caring what other people think about what I’m doing. I’ll run through some general things that I could certainly write as blog entries that hold some entertainment value (to me) but most likely to no one else.

I ran a 2:15 in a half mile, then followed it with a 65 quarter and then a 5:47 mile. Today I plan on running a fresh 400 and see how fast I do it. This is what I’m doing with my life. Getting in good shape and trying to run fast times on a track. Do you think the average person even knows what those times are? Do they care? No. So why write about it.

Another topic. We lost in bball last night by 2 points on a questionable call. We were tied with 30 seconds left. 90% of the time you should win or go to overtime. We turn the ball over with 3 seconds, they throw it in and call a timeout. We foul them with 3 seconds left (horrible call by the ref at that point of the game) and we lose the game on a 1 and 1. I could go into details about what happened, how we should have won, what we did wrong to lose to a team I thought we were more talented then. But do the people who come to this blog really care? I think they could care less.

A final example. I could use this blog as a communication device to express my thoughts on my opponents vetos in scattergories. (Scattergories is played by rolling a dice that gives a key letter and then you have to come up with things that go with the categories on the card). So if I wanted I could write here, so everyone else who reads this would know, that I think that it is insane that they veto the answer Pluto for things found on a map. 3 out of 3 Vetos. There is this thing called a solar system. It holds the planet Pluto. If you think there is no such thing as a map of the solar system then I think it’s ok to veto. If I brought you a piece of paper with the sun and our planets, sized correctly with specific details what would you call this piece of paper? Oh and Clues can grow. Just because they aren’t physically growing doesn’t mean they can’t grow towards solving the answer. It’s like here’s a small clue to help you out. Now here’s a big clue to help you out further. Clue sizes range from little to big, they can grow.

Bottomline is that all these topics are bs. I don’t think the majority of people care and I don’t really care if they care. When I started this I thought it would be cool if you could get hundreds or thousands of people to follow your thoughts. But after doing it for a while I’m not really driven by anything to maintain this. It’s fun when it starts out but my reasons for keeping this have dwindled. I spent 150 for 2 years to hold this domain name so I’m not saying I’m giving up but I might take a break for a little while. People could think I’m in a bad mood or some other crazy reason why I wrote this but there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I’m completely content and happy and will start to concentrate on other things. I think this last point I just stumbled upon accidentally is really why. You have to find things to do to entertain yourself. Whether it’s movies, sports, books, games or anything in between, you have to do something. I used this blog for a while to entertain myself but I think I’m shifting gears to something else. Sometimes you have to move on.