Jkash said the blog has been sucking lately and it’s because I’m not mentioning him enough in it. If I knew it was that easy to make a good blog by adding his name, I’d be happy to add it every sentence. I find it pretty funny that people like the recognition and I should probably personalize the blog more often because I think that will generate some loyal readers. So be on the look out for random name inputs to make people feel important. Hafer, my apologies for not getting in touch with you while I was in Va. Dooley, my apologies for not wanting to go to Pittsburgh but I don’t like the city that much and I’m 5 years out of college and that part of my life is finished. Laura, yes I use exclamation points but like you noticed it’s a rarity, however if you can’t get excited for Tee Shirt time, I don’t know when else an exclamation point it warranted. Let me know if you want to go with us to see Jwoww. I’ll write CK4 just to give him his ego boost. That’s all for now and I have a tremendous idea of drunk video blogs and this might be excellent documentation of how fucked up I get on weekends and I’m happy to share with the world. I know this could put my professional career in jeopardy and people won’t be able to take me seriously, but it’s for the good of my viewers. Till then.