Do you realize the dedication that I have to this blog that I’m making a post after just posting a drunk video blog because I realize that not everyone at work can view videos. Now I know the sound was a bit off on the video and I’m not really sure why, but I can put some thoughts on electronic paper that should be as entertaining. I’m still writing this a bit intoxicated but I’m sure no one really cares too much about that. Jsmashed got fucked up tonight and left a bit earlier than me but I only stayed an hour after him because I wasn’t trying to get so retarded I couldn’t go to work tomorrow. CK4 thought he was going to get lucky so he stayed after I left.

This is coming back from my Southern trip where I saw the following cities Baltimore, Hyattsville, Bethesda, Alexandria, Manassas, Lorton and Frederick so I made my way around. Last night when we finished for the day and settled in Alexandria we drove to see Jill because she wasn’t far away in Fairfax. Generally going out of my way to meet up with people is not happening but we figured to give it a shot. We saw George Mason University and it was a pretty fun time. I’ve also never seen an apartment so clean, her place was meticulous which is the flip side of 200 Green Lane. Our trip was moderately successful as we didn’t strike out completely and other than getting kicked out of sales meeting, everything was OK except for the traffic. It really gets taxing visiting store after store and I was happy to call it quits on day 2. It’s very good experience though and throwing yourself in front of strangers as a salesmen has a way of hardening the ego. I’m sure I will be doing things like this on the reg so get used to it.