Oliphant-4 copy_2Priorities change as you age. Your body also has to be handled differently. Basketball is one of those sports that can wear you down.

Tonight I played in a game that meant exactly 0. About 10 minutes into the game I caught a pass and made a nice spinning cut to the baseline to beat a defender and then passed the ball to the opposite corner. After getting beat, the defender spun around and in catching up to me, drove me right into the wall 5 feet under the basket. It hurt me 0 but was completely unnecessary. I made a comment that it was a dick move and he said to stop being a little bitch (which is what people who are on steroids looking to fight usually say).

c01e7e55d6d6e62b60a4afd74eed0722This got me to write this post that I understand competition. Playing your heart out in rec leagues is admirable and worthy. I am passed that point though. My goal in leagues is to not get injured. I can’t get sidelined in real life. It bothers me too much. (Sorry Adam if you read this). My knees feel like they could pop anytime and I’m pushing my luck.

I didn’t work out for the last week and truly felt bad about myself 7 days later. I have to exercise to maintain my body. It’s not about getting overweight. It’s that I’ve set a standard for myself that I want to maintain. Not doing so is letting myself down physically and then mentally. This is why I like bowling and golf. Can’t get injured.