Yes and the one mistake she made.


  • eaInvasion of privacy – no one should ever get spied on in their hotel room.
  • The hotel is moronic for giving a stranger a room near her which would make me want to take revenge on the hotel.
  • After 16 million people have seen your naked body, it’s hard to feel like that isn’t in the back of their mind every time they seen you.
  • People never forget and she constantly get reminded of this.
  • The money is pretty negligible to her considering the damage. It’s more trying to clear her name and punish the a-holes.

Her Mistake

  • erin-andrews-825x580She cried on the stand and said she felt embarrassed and ashamed. Oh what? This is where I believe she should have embraced what happened ala Kim K and Paris. She has a banging body and nothing to be ashamed of. Of course it’s going to be horrible to live with the thought that everyone saw you naked but when your as beautiful as she is, this can be passed. I’ve read people think she set it up herself (Pres) and it seems unlikely in my view. This is one of those events that she cannot control and has to push past as hard as it may be. I’m sure she tried too with MNF and Dancing with the Stars so I don’t doubt she tried.

The Court Case

Erin Andrews was awarded 55 million.

michaelbarrettShe most likely won’t get anywhere close to that amount. 51% of the blame was on Michael Barrett, the peeping tom, and 49% on the hotel who gave out Erin’s room info. Barrett owes her 28 million and the hotel owes 27. Michael Barrett has spent the last 2 years in jail and most likely has nothing close to 28 million. I’d bet closer to 28 dollars. On the flip side, this is a subsidiary hotel and not the actual Marriott and they have no where near as deep pockets. Toss in lawyer fees and I’m sure she’s make a few mill but nowhere near her pain and suffering.

“You don’t really realize how long four minutes is until it’s your naked body, you getting dressed for a football game. I look at the Marriott as more damaging because it’s 4.5 minutes of my personal private time, absolutely naked, that everybody sees,” she said.

It was actually 4:57 minutes