sinking-shipI’m aware I haven’t been posting to this marvelous website. My last post was exactly one week ago and that’s a decent amount of time that I’ve taken off. I strayed a course that I could feel people didn’t care about and decided I needed a break. This was in combination of not having the time to blog. I honestly don’t even have the time to write this but I’m sneaking it in to let people know I’m still here on this planet.

I have posts lined up about Billion and Better Call Saul which I’m fairly certain are the best shows on TV hands down. I have new music that I’ll share after the Alternative Addiction list is posted tonight. I have a post on response time, chapstick, crossword puzzles, and not working out that I can write about. Bowling has taken a decent amount of my time with both teams are making a playoff push. Nicer weather is coming in as well and that opens the door to many more activities. Do not fret, this blog will be back as I’ve probably written many times previously.