I’m sure Hafer is going to read this so I want to headline with a fantasy football matchup. With 5 players left and trailing by 70 points, I’m sure Hafer thought he had my 50 bucks all wrapped up but then Miles Austin tallied 30+ points to pull me within 40 with 4 to play. My remaning players are my main man Jamaal Charles, Antonio Gates, QB Flacco, and the Jet’s Defense. They certainly have the potential for 40. I think I’m about 50/50 to win and this should guarantee Hafer a nice sweat. On a side note, the Manayunk Moisturizers were able to shut down the Nuts unless Jamaal, the Jets, and Boldin can go for 38 points. I think I have about a 5% chance of winning this one.

I didn’t really do much this weekend except play a lot of poker. I jumped right into some bigger games and was playing the 60-115 Turbo’s and even a 230 Heads up match. I came out on the losing end of the stick a couple hundred but my luck just wasn’t on my side. I have guy in the 230 heads up AI with K6 vs my A8 and after hitting an A and K on the flop, he rivered a 6 to bring my hopes of victory down. Also if BigBadBluff ever reads this, he cost me about 500 dollars this weekend. I literally had him all in with the best of it 4 straight times and couldn’t win once. The guy’s a joke and I read his soul over and over.

Regarding other things over the weekend, the night scene wasn’t much to talk about and we played some football Saturday morning. I don’t really find playing football all that exciting. Plus I have this race coming up which I’m going to bomb due to lack of motivation as I got closer to the date. Oh well, I’ll still be able to do it but any chance at a really good time is out the window. This was a pretty lackluster year for me and 2010 isn’t going down in the memory books for pretty much anything.