Since I really have nothing interesting going on in my life, fantasy football won me over last night. Jamaal put a hurting some people last night as I rolled through Hafer and ended up tying the Moisturizers. Hafer, Blog This!, if you want to transfer me the money on Full Tilt, I’m happy to give you a chance to win your money back in any heads up action… Also if anyone else wants to place wagers against me in either fantasy football or heads up action, let me know. A thing to note, I hardly believe in tying in fantasy football so to see that 4 of our 12 teams tied in the one league is disappointing when a simple solution is for fraction of points should be tallied. I ended up 2-1-1 for the week among(st) my 4 teams but that was just mostly due to favorable matchups, as I wasn’t near the points lead in any of them.

I finished the week up 20 dollars betting on football games through the weekend. Considering I started up 100 after my first 2 bets, it should be a decent indicator of how not good I am. I got completely lucky on the first 2 picks and then squandered the money on poor bets that weren’t well thought out and pretty much got rocked. The Bengals lost by the 1st qtr and the Cowboys/Over couldn’t have been more wrong. The reality is that there is no easy money in sports betting. This will bring me to the other point, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. There is nothing easy, especially when it comes to making money.

I’ve been feeling a little blah lately with just nothing of any real significance occurring lately. When Doug from Weed’s made the comment “I’m living an insignificant life,” I thought to myself that I bet a lot of people have that feeling. I thought that last nights Weed’s episode was decent but the 25 minute shows are just killer to wait a week for. Back to Doug’s comment, if you have an average paying job that isn’t ever going to make you enough money to really live comfortably, you are going to be constantly working to pay for things and never getting ahead. When people plan to have a wife, start and family, buy a house and all the other … things to a “normal” life, you are just getting yourself into financial responsibilities. I honestly don’t know how people do it. Everything from rings, houses, weddings, kids, car payments, all normal stuff costs money. Now we think of Doug living an insignificant life with no money, no family, and just tending to himself, well things would probably be much harder to live a significant life and have to provide for all the above. As of right now, I can take care of myself but that’s seriously it.

No real point to this other than as you get older you feel the pressure to do these “normal” things but the reality is that, unless you can do them comfortable from a financial standpoint, you are going to spend the rest of your life working and trying to provide. I’m not sure how fun that is. To quote another Weed’s line “I just go home, pray, and play the lottery.”