So I’ve pretty much decided to not listen to anyone’s advice because more often than not, people don’t know jack shit. People might think they know things but there’s a lot of this mis-information out there. The key to life is knowing how sift through the bullshit and know who’s on point compared to those who just like to talk. Everyone likes to talk by the way. I also want to point out that you can also include me in this “who not to take advice from.” I obviously have my own way of doing things and if they don’t work out, I have no one to blame but myself and that’s just the way I like it. When you take others advices you tend to blame them for when it doesn’t work out, which is human tendency to not take the blame. So you have my foreword that I’m no smarter than the rest of you.

I have one example and it pertains to fantasy football. I picked Jamaal Charles and someone commented “what a terrible pick, he’s splitting time with Thomas Jones.” I go to and read “there is a gaping separation between the two in terms of productivity and talent.” Plus have you watched one pre-season game of Charles or are aware he finished the year with games of 143, 154, 102, and 259 yards? I’ll take my chances that this is going to be a bad pick. So with this person running their mouth, they show their lack of knowledge and combine it with a negativity to make me feel like the idiot. Bad business all around.

Another example of this is I chose a defense with the 74th pick of a 12 team draft. The avg selection of the jets, determined by previous yahoo drafts, was 60. So I’m not the only moron out there and someone chimes in “you’re choosing a defense this early…” like I’m a complete tard. Players that went after my pick were Jacobs, Stewart, Barber, Bradshaw…. The very next round I got Cadillac Williams, a starter for the Bucs and not sharing time. So I’m a tard because I get the top ranked defense and then the very next round get a player whose numbers are going to be comparable to Jacobs, Stewart, Barber, or Bradshaw. This is obviously debatable but if you can predict the future you should be doing something other than picking fantasy football teams. So my point is, what’s the point of opening your mouth and criticizing someone else when it’s all guesswork anyway. If I’m an idiot, let me be an idiot in peace and I’ll lose all my games and you have nothing to worry about.

This relates to poker in the sense that if I win a pot from a total fish, I’m not telling them they are a moron, I’m telling them how great they play and how unlucky they got. Don’t tap the fish bowl is the general motto amongst better players.

The negativity end of things is also prevalent everywhere. People seem to prefer other people to fail, then succeed. When other people fail, it makes them feel better about their own failures. An example is on the golf course, on hole 9 where I would have had a 42 if I par’d in. While on the tee box waiting to hit my drive, I hear my playing partner say “hit it in the water.” Now me and my playing partner are good friends so I don’t mind bringing this to his attention, but I don’t need you rooting against me and hoping for my destruction. If you want to silently hope for that, that’s a-ok but I don’t need to hear it. Now this is slightly different to what Ck4 spazzed out at me about. CK4 had a spaz when he hit a 30 foot putt 10 feet and I pointed out how bad of a putt it was. I completely understand why he wouldn’t want to hear that, I said I was sorry and I wouldn’t do it again. But I’m not hoping he does bad, he just is bad and I’m being a dick and letting him know. On that note I’ve also decided to quit golf for the season because I’m tired of paying 50 bucks to shoot 100. I thought I got over the hump about 3 weeks ago shooting some decent rounds in the 80’s but I’ve proved lately that it was just a mirage.

I also haven’t run since Friday and considering the race is the 19th, that’s not good. I’m going to go for a run today and see how I feel. I thought I was in really good shape but after this little lapse of training, I’m not sure. Other than that though I’ve been squeezing in a lot of poker and final tabled another 180 man tournament last night. I only managed 8th but it just shows that I have the consistency of getting there. Posts like this could limit my friend count but what’s the point of having a personal blog if you can’t be real with it.