I get tired of hearing people complain that they are sick. People will even go out of their way to take days off and just be lazy because they are “sick.” I’m not really sure what constitutes being ill. I suppose if you are going to effect everyone around you and turn any area in a diseased area, then by all means stay home. But sore throats and head colds are no excuse for time off. The only reason I write this is because I’m not feeling 100%, but it never crossed my mind that I can’t perform my daily activities.

I played a boatload of poker this weekend. I took down a 12 dollar 180 man, a 12 dollar 45 man, a 16 dollar 18 man, and various SNG’s ranging from 27 to 60 bucks. At this point my confidence is pretty high and I go into each tourny or cash game thinking I’m the best player at the table. Arrogant, I know, but I think you have to have this attitude to win. The key to this upswing is winning the tournament opposed to 3rd, 4ths, and 5ths. When I’m getting to these final tables I’m taking them down which is what you need to do when you get there. I feel like my game has come around and I’m hoping this good luck continues.

Golf was atrocious this weekend. It’s great if you can hit the ball 300 yards but if it takes 6 strokes from 25 yards, you aren’t going to score well and it’s obviously all about scoring. We played a nice course in Gilbertsville called Bella Vista which I would recommend if you are hitting the ball well. I was playing well there until the course turned on me and ate me alive. Golf is something that is supposed to be enjoyable but when the game starts to feel like work, something has to make you pause and ask what are you really trying to accomplish.

That’s all I really have going on. The weekend was pretty tame and no good stories. I still am not putting forth effort to this like I used to but it sort of brings me back to the point that nothing is really going to come of this. It’s why I pretty much gave up practicing sports because there’s no real reward other than self satisfaction. So if I compare spending my time to adding to my blog or trying to win money at poker, I spend my time doing what profits me the most.