I got a text this morning from Evan saying he had a good night in AC. Now we’ve discussed this concept before but I find it so unthinkable that I figured I’d write a post about it. Earlier in the day I sent an email saying that I didn’t feel like going out on Thursday and I was just going to stay in. He was deciding whether or not to go out around us or to go to AC with a Hafer and Hetrick. Now since I decided that I didn’t want to go, this was a factor on why he chose to go to AC instead of Manayunk. If I would have wrote an email saying I wanted to go out, his fate and fortunes could have been entirely altered. Also, say I decided that I wanted to go to AC instead of work, well me being there would have changed all the cards that came out and the end result. Sometimes it just boggles my mind the way things work out and how the slightest change of mind could alter an entire series of events. It’s sort of like the Simpson’s when Home goes back in time and steps on a bug or something and life is completely modified because of that one event in time. Sort of makes you scratch your head and wonder what and who you are effecting with everything you do.

I watched the Jersey Shore last night and came away with a few thoughts. For how clueless Sammie is and how easily she changes her mind about the relationship just shows how stupid a human being she is. The guy obviously doesn’t take the relationship seriously, and not that he should within that environment, but for her to be so naive to think that he will is what I don’t understand. One minute she says it’s over and the next she’s dying to care of him. Plus, I like watching Ronnie get the wasted because that makes me happy that it happens to everyone. When he tried to get up and went head first into the wall, that brought back memories for me. The way people develop dependencies on others is always weird for me because that’s not the way I live. I guess I’m more independent and a loner than looking for other people’s help to do things.

We’ll see what happens this weekend. I’m going to run today which would have me putting in over 30+ miles this week which is more than I’ve done in a while. Leading up to the half marathon I would like to get up to 40 or so. We are playing Golf on Saturday and other than that I don’t have much going on so it’s going to be a winging it weekend. Happy Birthday Matt Baker.