Work was nothing out of the ordinary. I came home and ran 7+ miles at 2 and a half minutes faster than I did Monday which proves what dehydration and too much alcohol does to the body. I also had dinner with my Mom which has become our routine. I plan my schedule around this dinner rather than fit it into my schedule. It should be a necessity that you see your parents on a regular basis because you should appreciate the time you can spend with them when they are here. The restaurant we went to had a 5 dollar theme where I ordered a salad, a burger, and a pitcher for 15 bucks. I finished 60% of the salad, 90% of the burger, and of course all of the beer. I think the pitcher probably had about 5 beers in it so I’m sure my mom was impressed I finished it by myself in an hour and a half and then drove home. I’m sure people are shaking their fingers at me but I’m really such the alcoholic that I’m 95% sure I was under the legal limit. I enjoyed it for the 15 dollars and I’m contemplating whether to go out tonight. I’ve been feeling really good and I hate to disrupt that by drinking too much tonight and feeling like hell tomorrow but we’ll see.