c.j.-spiller-nfl-new-orleans-saints-ota-850x56030 yard FG to win a 4 team teaser (Saints +4) and hit the Cowboys +3.5 (a hedge to make sure the teaser didn’t go unprofitable)….doink. My weekend was wrapping up to be nice and profitable and then Zack Hocker clanked it. Not to mention I was playing against CJ Spiller who unleashed an 80 yard TD to dash any hopes of winning a fantasy game. That’s life.

My DraftKings essentially pushed after I put together a few really nice teams. This will go down as my first profitable week of the season so hopefully I can ride some momentum. My fantasy teams are also struggling with my 4 leagues being 0-4, 1-3, 2-2, and 3-1. I’m pretty happy with my teams but it certainly hurts when you miss guys like Devontae Freeman.

Enough football talk for now especially because I lost my Eliminator pick.