You’d be wise to not agree with any part of this post. My strong stances tend to make for awkward real life moments. Whenever a person in real life says “I read your blog” my brain immediately scans all the parts I could have written to offend that person. I’ve also noticed that people take all comments I make in this blog (even if I’m taking a position just to generate the view point) personally.

I personally don't like onions.

I personally don’t like onions.

Wraps – Wraps have overtaken sandwiches for me. I was a big supported of the club sandwich but if I had to choose between a turkey club and a turkey club wrap offered by my local delicatessen, I’d choose the wrap. This honey mustard chicken wrap has been knocking my socks off and a chicken Caesar wrap is a constant. I’ve even move Panini’s ahead of an ordinary sandwich.

Bars with no TV's look like this.

Bars with no TV’s look like this.

No TV’s @ Bars – I’ve been to a many bars and I don’t get the no TV stance. I understand the goal of no TV’s is to promote dialogue among customers but I’m pretty convinced that TV’s in noisy settings don’t play that much of a factor. I can’t remember the last time someone said, “we can’t go to that bar because they have TV’s.” I’ve definitely heard, “I’m not going to that bar because there are no TV’s.”

“Not having television — that’s the pure bar environment, where conversation is most important. “We’ve never had a television because we wanted to inspire something that is close to the conviviality of pubs in Ireland.

When your famous, not famous bloggers make fun of you.

When you’re famous, not famous bloggers make fun of you.

Russell Wilson – I hate him. He runs around like a madmen once he feels pressure and heaves up bullshit to shitty receivers that consistently gets caught. I’m pretty sure that’s the actual play and not the horrible routes that the receivers run. I give him credit for his mobility and reasonable accuracy on the move but I hate the fucker. I won a bet tonight betting against him but it was infuriating on every 3rd down watching him escape.