My apologies for not updating the blog since the 24th but I was away for the weekend.  I’ll have a full write up on my trip that I’ll post on our work blog tomorrow if you have any interest.

When I have to catch up on a few days of material I’ll just ramble into some bullets.

      • Did you ever realize that DraftKings stands for “Draft-Kings”.  Like you need to draft kings / awesome player to win money
      • If you are a non-smoker, never get a smoking room in a hotel.  It’s unbearable.
      • I like this back slap:

    • I’m glad the pope is gone. This pope baby is pretty funny though.
    • This video had so much potential until the end:

  • I got really distracted on Reddit while I was making this post because I have nothing to write about.  I’ll try again tomorrow.