People are wondering why they are losing with lousy excuses that the NFL figured out Chip’s offensive scheme and the Cowboys knew the plays as they were being called.  Guess what?  It’s not that complicated.  The Eagles offensive players just flat out aren’t that good.  Let’s get started.

962364_1280x720Sam Bradford –  His career record is 18-32-1.  His QB rating for a season has never been higher than 52.  Now what happened to me was when I heard they got Sam Bradford initially I cringed.  When he killed in the pre-season, I had huge hope.  Now I’m back with him being a lousy QB that his record indicates.

RB’s – DeMarco has a hurt hammy which is just another blow.  He hasn’t looked great with 11 yards on 21 carries which is a far cry from an 1,800 yard season.  Sproles looks spry and Matthews is a ghost.  However, I think the bigger problem is…

OL – Peters, Johnson, and the undersized Kelce are the foundation. Allen Babre and Andrwho Gardner stink. Losing Mathis and Herremans is being felt right now.

rileyWR – Easily the worst part of the Eagles offense. Matthews is a 2 not a 1. Agholor has played 2 total games in his career. Riley Cooper is not an NFL player. These players drop passes and don’t get open.

Defense – After a rocky 1st half against the Falcons, they came to play in the 2nd half keeping the game tight. In the 2nd game, they held Dallas to 6 points before giving up the Terrence Williams TD after being on the field the whole game and Byron Maxwell being “exhausted”.  Kiko is out again (shocker) and Maxwell is one of the worst coverage men in the game currently. Good luck.