I woke up today and immediately thought to bet on Rickie Fowler.  I watched yesterday and his iron game was so strong that he could have gone way lower if he was making 15ft putts.   Of coursed he did do this.


He’s the obvious choice for today but the oddsmakers also know this as he going off at +200. Those odds don’t excite me.

He’s also the best at these two stats which don’t mean much.


Troy Merritt shot a 61 yesterday and is going off at 8-1. He is remarkably average but a good putter.

The more I’ve researched this, the more difficult it gets to put any money down. Justin Rose is attractive at +900 but he is 3 back and that’s a lot of strokes if one of the guys at -13 plays well. All that being said, I’m taking $50 dollars and putting it on Rickie Fowler and $10 dollars on Troy Merritt.