This quote was brought to John Hughes by Ally Sheedy (Allison) and was used as the intro to the movie unbeknownst to her.  It comes from the second verse of Bowie’s “Changes” and is a powerful theme to the movie.

thebreakfastclubThe Breakfast club was shot in 1985 which makes it roughly 30 years old. A major plus of this movie it stands the test of time. I watched it yesterday and there are virtually no parts that make it feel outdated (except for Claire’s dance which I personally love – 23 seconds at the end). The theme of students feeling different (and eventually realizing they aren’t) and how parents just don’t understand will never grow old. This isn’t an analysis of the movie though, it’s why I like it.

  • Bender’s facial expressions are so over the top that it looks like he’s ready to snap any minute.  I’m positive this is what he was going for.
  • Claire is great too when she gets caught up in the Bender interrogations.
  • Brian is easily my favorite character.  He seems the most natural to me.
  • I don’t like when Andy he falls for Allison after Claire does her makeup.
  • Ally doesn’t speak for the first 33 minutes and her character is a bit of a roller coaster.

My Favorite Part


Andy describing how he taped Larry Lester’s buns together. Brian revealing his suicide effort with a flare gun. Ally tormenting Claire with lies to get her to confess that she’s a virgin. Bender antagonizing Claire about her real diamonds that daddy bought her. It’s all there.

Plus who can’t forget the dance scene.

carl-janitor-man-of-yearPoints I didn’t touch on were Principal Vernon and Carl. In the opening credits you can see the janitor Carl was Man of the Year at Shermer High school. The conversation between these two while they’re drinking some brews is great with Vernon saying how the kids change and Carl replying that they don’t, he does. Paul Gleason (Vernon) was also credible as a principal and his scenes with Bender are great. The flinching with the basketball make my day.

The title should also read one of my favorite movies. But what kind of a title is that.

Don’t mess with the bull young man,
you’ll get the horns

The inspiration for Nelson Muntz

The inspiration for Nelson Muntz