American flag flying in the wind

American flag flying in the wind

I’ve gotten over the initial attraction of Periscope (mainly because good feeds are hard to find) but one immediate point of interest is the look into other countries. I’ve now seen what people from Dubai (UAE), New Delhi (India), and Grottaferrata (Italy) look like. This appreciation of different cultures allows me to understand my own.

One comment in a feed of 3 American girls acting moronic in a dorm room smoking pot was “this is why ISIS hates you”. With that thought, I’ve decided to share my opinion of the country I live in.

How Did America Become So Strong, So Fast?
1280px-Declaration_independenceWhat boggles my mind about America is the fact that it’s only 239 years old. I suppose you could say it’s closer to 400 years old with the settlement of Jamestown but it’s still a baby when compared to Europe and Asia. So how did America rise the power rankings so fast?

The simple answer (and only answer I’m going to give for my lack of knowledge) is that it’s a democracy. The idea that the people rule is ground breaking compared to kings, rulers, and dictators. The United States mentality is that the people are free to think as they want and this is what separates us from the rest of the world. It’s the sole reason why we are “the best country” in the world.

America – The Best Country
I do not necessarily believe we are the best country for what it’s worth. There are so many factors to take into consideration and the US fails in many. They also have many strengths though which outweigh the negatives. A few examples:


The Olympics
The first “modern day” Olympics started in 1896. This medal table gives a look at the top 10 countries medal counts for both the summer and winter Olympics.  Stay with me on this point because leading with the Olympics of why we are a good country is a stretch.
Olympic Total Medal Count

Ridiculous. It’s sheer domination. America loves sport and excels for the reason that the country doesn’t discriminate. Some countries dominate certain events and have nothing else. China has diving, table tennis, and badminton. Do you see the Chinese win track and field (minus Liu Xiang)? No. Asian’s aren’t traditionally tall and fast. However, the US pulls from every nationality. They are the most balanced. This idea far surpasses sports but is symbolism for how powerful it is.


The United States spends more money on defense than any other country and it isn’t even close.  We aren’t to be fucked with.  This is one year (2013) of spending.


The US has adopted the position of policing the world which I frankly don’t understand but I don’t think anyone can argue that strength doesn’t lead to power.  It allow us to work on ideas without worrying about another nation blowing us up.  You think that you could create a drone that delivers packages in Turkey right now?  No.  You’re worried about surviving the day.  Defense leads to security which leads to the ability to think freely.


RacialReconciliationWe are one. Europe is made up for 50 countries. We all speak one language. Europe has 23. Asia is still ruled by dictators. The middle east is too worried about religious beliefs to make any progress. Africa is, well, a place I know virtually 0 about.

The fact that we are completely separated from the rest of the world is a huge advantage because there is no fighting within. India fights its next door neighbor Pakistan repeatedly. Germany invaded the rest of Europe. We just chill on our own little Island advancing technology and taking from our lower class citizens so the smartest people can run the country. What a formula.


I’m actually curious to know what people think about this post.  You live in this country.  How do you feel about it?  Do you even think about it?