tom-brady1-Tom Brady purposely played with deflated balls against the Colts and whooped them.
-All evidence supports Tom Brady knew about the balls.
-The Patriots won the Superbowl without deflated balls.
-Now, both the NFL and the Patriots know exactly what happened.
-Light bulb.  What happened was good for both parties.  $$$$
-Both parties had to act like it was bad for both parties.
-3 game suspension for Brady.
-Wait. This suspense (notice suspension) is building if Brady doesn’t play and we can get more ratings when he returns (most likely 2 games later).


Deflategate happened.  Tom Brady knew that playing with a soft football leads to more catches and is easier to throw.  He couldn’t miss.  Believe it or not, I think everything backfired because they didn’t even need deflated balls for 2 reasons 1) Andrew Luck sucked.  2)  LeGarette Blount ran for 148 yards and 3 TD’s.  Another scandal, another season.  #freebrady