The title is the getting older Weekend song and I just went through the weekend so I figured it would be fitting but it actually just doesn’t make sense because I can feel my face.


2 shots on the green on #10

I haven’t posted in a few days but know that I’m not pulling a Gourlay, I’ve just been busy.  I played golf on Friday with Hetrick and Hafer which was a lot of fun.  One memorable shot was Big Dawg and myself both driving the 248 yard par 4.  I ended up shooting an 88 at Paxon Hollow.

I was pretty hungover on Sunday for a round at Lederach so I didn’t play my best duffing at least 4 shots and missing a 2 footer.  I finished at 94 from the blues.  I’m playing pretty well though so I still have high expectations for the golf season.

Justin and Celeste’s wedding was on Saturday and it was a fun time had by all.  There are pictures all over Facebook but I’m pretty sure the one below is the only one I’m in. I should be back to regular posting starting tonight when I get some time.

The fellas. #jkc2015

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