With the Women’s World Cup in full stride, I watched this video of a Japanese goalie whiffing the ball in what has to be one of the worst displays of goal tending I’ve ever seen.

traffic-cone-48Odd that the over/under was 2.5 and with her team leading 2-0, she let this one go past. This inevitably leads to the question, at what level are these women playing? A cone could have made this save.

I found a thread in an old soccer forum that said that the US Woman’s national team played the Under-17 Men’s team in a scrimmage back in 2012…and lost 8-2. A few tweets from the match.

soccer-star-alex-morgan-dishes-on-flat-abs-and-a-flawless-face-headerI found a game like this fascinating for 3 reasons:

1) It must be difficult for one of the best female team’s in the world to find competition outside of their nation thus having to play better teams to hone their skills.
2) Under 17 year old men are far better players than our national team.  If you asked me to place my money on a team before it started it would have been a complete guess.
3) If I was a 17 year old kid I would be all over Alex Morgan