I liked Sam’s comment about how often he will use a towel before it’s time for a wash so i figured I would give my thoughts on what’s clean and when it’s time to clean. I sweat a lot, so after any physical activity the clothes I wear go directly to the hamper not to be worn again until they get washed. For non-physical activity it gets a little trickier. First off it depends on how long I wore it and what I was doing. If I spend less than 4 or so hours in the shirt and did some moderate walking around but nothing that would break a sweat, I would consider wearing the shirt again but most likely it hits the bin. For example, after ditching my work t-shirt today, I showered and put on a new T. We went to the bar and now I’ve been wearing it for 5 hours. This shirt although perfectly clean, will not be worn again by me. It goes in laundry because I don’t like wearing my clothes so closely together. I guess it’s like a Paris Hilton thing that you never wear the same outfit twice, but even though no one ever pays attention to what I wear anyway, I feel like I have 20 t-shirts that all deserve equal chance at a wear. Tom Stortz doesn’t play favorites when it comes to t-shirts. Also anytime physical activity is done and I break a sweat, I have to shower within 15 minutes after finishing. I just get this feeling of complete dirtiness and grossness if I’m not so fresh and so clean. As I write this I see that I’m really neurotic and feel like Bill Murray from What About Bob. It’s funny too because I don’t get grossed out about eating food off the ground (5 second rule) or drinking from other peoples drinks so I sort of pick and choose which battles I want to fight. I feel like my immune system is impenetrable so germs don’t really bother me much. I will wear my jeans and shorts though for a long time because they don’t touch my junk due to the boxers. I also want to point out that you need lots of everything to make this style work effectively. Lots of boxers, socks, and t-shirts. All stains on items must be washed as soon as possible because stains show a weak amount of self respect. Stay clean is my message.

Just to follow up on something I mentioned a few posts before about finding an activity to do, I think I thought of one. I was scanning around some different sites and one had to do with other peoples blogs so I checked a few out and realized how good some peoples writing styles are. When I read theirs I felt like mine was “uggh, me caveman, me write bad.” These people were just really descriptive, had good topics, and wrote impressive work. Now I know there are millions upon millions of blogs out there and I might have stumbled on a few good ones, but it got me thinking that I might have to improve my writing style. I only got a 500 or so on my verbal so I’m no genius when it comes to vocab / writing and I sort of hope my good ideas make up for my average writing. Point being, I think I might sign up for some creative writing course and learn how to do a better job of writing while also being forced to create quality work. This was probably my best idea of the year, which shows what kind of a year its been for good ideas. I’ll give it some more thought and probably not do it but who knows, maybe I’ll take the inititive.

Quick life update even though I’ve been jumping around. My 7 iron head fell off at the range so I’m getting my swing doctor (Bill Schmidt) to go to the range with me, work with my swing and pick up a new set of irons to replace my 10 year old Tommy Armour 845’s. This was also my 3rd day in a row with a good workout and I’ve proved that I’m still not where I want to be with 3 miles at 18:00 and then some 400’s that I could barely muster up at 82’s. I’ve been feeling good though and want engrave in my brain that I’m not going to get too fucked up this weekend because it is hindering my training and physical self. I actually have about 3 more topics in the works for this site so I’ll be posting some more material in the coming days. Thanks for reading.