I’ve been playing Trivia Crack for about 3 weeks now and I enjoy the simplicity of the game.  For those who have never heard of it here is a quick breakdown (and you probably should since it’s been out since 2013):

  • trivia-crackYou play 1 opponent
  • You spin a wheel to determine the category of your question
  • If you miss a question it’s the other person’s turn
  • The game ends when someone gets 6 key questions right (key questions arrive from answering 3 questions or the wheel correctly)

The obvious flaws in the game arrive when someone who wants to be a dick and uses the internet to answer every question correctly.  I’d make the timer 10 seconds to avoid this.  The game against the other person means less than what I take out of it because you can lose a game as the best player if your opponent has more coins to get a wider range or specific questions.

workaholics_05_009_hl3_thumbnailI wouldn’t have made this post without finding an aspect of Trivia Crack insightful.   It grades how smart you are.  It also does this with some pinpoint accuracy over the course of thousands of questions.  I essentially look at it as a report card with 80% as a B.  Answering 4 out of 5 questions correctly in a category is proficient in my mind.  Here is my breakdown:

Sports – 84%
Geography – 80%
Entertainment – 78%
Art – 77%
History – 75%
Science – 70%

When I view these findings, I can’t but think how accurate they are.  I obviously more of a sports guy than a scientist.   I think art must be an easy category and I thought I’d do better in Entertainment.  If you see scores into the 90’s, there’s a good chance the person cheats.

Ecards - drunken triviaNow this gets even better because there is an achievements section that lets you see how well your friends score.  That kid who used to be a brain in high school, no shocker he’s good at trivia crack.  I find the results incredibly telling which is shallow of me but after seeing how well my results describe myself, they also show my peers.  Let’s also make clear that being able to answer questions about trivia tells nothing about a person’s traits like kindness, empathy, and overall value as a person which is far more important when going through life.