I saw this on Reddit and had to smile. I also liked a comment that said he should play Quagmire if Family Guy ever makes a movie.

Alllrighty then!

Alllrighty then!

Back to the grind. Last week was the first in a while where I spent all 5 days and the weekend in Philly. It’s nice to do some activities close to home. This weekend these included watching basketball games, bowling, and having a family brunch.

sabonis_domantas-e1396251855793On the sports front, I was close to even betting on the BBall games but got hit hard on a big bet on Gonzaga yesterday. My brackets also were sunk which is nothing new.  I needed Arvydas on the court instead of Domantas.

I also went bowling on Saturday.  After bowling at Hi-Spots I welcomed the lane conditions of Facenda Whitaker. The usual crew of the 3 Cohens and myself hit the lanes where I swept high game and high series with a much improved performance from my league play.

Other than that it was pretty ordinary and I’m planning on heading south for a sales trip this week so I’ll most likely not be posting as frequently. C’est le vie.