CertificateStreet_ED_033I rarely get sick.  I didn’t miss a day of school from Kindergarten until 12th grade.  I got a shitty plaque that said “perfect attendance” which technically could be considered my biggest accomplishment to date.  So I’m not a pussy when it comes to illness.  That is until I met Plaza Pizza pizza.

Plaza PizzaI was coming off a non-drinking weekend and feeling good for a Monday.  I eat 4 slices of Plaza pizza and left work at 2pm to do some errands.  As I was driving in my car I kind of felt a weird feeling in my stomach but didn’t think too much of it.  I met CK4 and Nikkii for 1 beer which I drank because that’s what you do when you meet at a bar.   I sort of nursed the beer and knew I wasn’t feeling great but still wasn’t sure what was happening.

I drove to my parents and had a case of the runs and that’s when my body went full evacuation.  I threw up 5 disgusting heaves of what had to be every morsel or liquid that I’d consumed in the past 12 hours.  I felt better after but that was just the start.  When I got home I was completely shivering and tried unsuccessfully to sleep.  I was woken up in the night a few times for more evacuation until there couldn’t have been any bit of anything in my system.

This brings me to 36 hours past the experience and I’m finally feeling normal again and can intake food.  It’s really debilitating when you feel like shit.  I could hardly concentrate on anything at work and I understand when people feel ill why life sucks.  Either way my body was a full purge and it was a feeling of a system reset which I rarely do.