patriotsThe report is that 11 or 12 PATRIOT game balls were under-inflated during the AFC championship game.  This was checked at halftime and found to be true.  Whether or not it was rectified in the 2nd half is unclear.  If it was, they blew out the Colts even worse in the 2nd half with normal balls.

Underinflated balls are easier to catch and was noticed when a Colts player intercepted the ball in the first half.  In bizzare manner, Patriots staff would have had to take air out of the balls after they were checked 2 hours before the game in some super sneaky way that no cameras caught anything.  This is probably easier than you’d think.

New York Jets v New Engalnd PatriotsDid it alter the outcome of this game?  Most likely not.  Is it strange?  Absolutely.  If you are Bill Belichick you have to be shaking your head and asking how did we get caught?  The game was 50 degrees so there is no excuse that balls under inflate in the cold.  Once again the Patriots test the limits of gamesmanship and will not come out unscathed.  I’m still going to bet on them in the SuperBowl.