Cracked-Cellphone-ScreenI had a few minor issues with my life over the past few days that needed to be corrected.  On Monday night I removed my phone from its charger and fumbled it.  The world started moving in slow motion as I started to panic and grab for the descending piece of equipment.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and it landed straight on the screen.  I was praying as I turned it over hoping for no crack but it cracked in about 1,000 spots.  I’d take a picture but taking a picture of a phone with the same phone proves challenging.

paintscraperLast week I wrote a post about my elbow cyst and today was the day I get it checked out.  The appointment was at 9:30 so I decided to turn the day into a sales trip for our line of paint scrapers.  I was up at 6am and visited 5 stores before I arrived for my appointment.  I’ll get more into this in the future but we’ve designed a covering for a scraper that will help it sell at the store level which is actually a talking point when I visit these stores.

The appointment was scheduled with a babe doctor.  I whipped out my…elbow and she stuck a needle in it and drained out the fluid.  It was only about half drained and the sample was sent to a lab for further review.  It was fairly gross.

verizon-fuAfter getting the elbow looked at I ventured to the mall and found 2 places that would repair the screen.  One for $120 and the other for $180.  I thought to myself I could negotiate a better deal with Verizon.  I had already accomplished this months earlier but I don’t expect this situation to be run of the mill because I have no insurance and they have me in a tough spot with my upgrade being in 2016.

I was also there to replace the jacket that I wear everyday that was lost on Saturday night.  I’m a weird person in that I have to have a jacket that I like but won’t pay $300 dollars for.  The only one I’ve found is a Jos. A Bank black coat that’s a hundred bucks and nice.  I will buy a 3rd same style coat in 2 years.

After all of today I’m still down a coat and have a cracked screen on my phone but have game plans for both.  I hate writing posts like this that document my life but they are easy to write and I haven’t had the time to post in a while so this buys me some time.