kenny-powers-making-it-rain-oAfter going 4-0 on the first round of NFL Playoff games, I was feeling pretty confident.  My $100 dollars made me $250 and I was ready to come out firing.  I put $150 down on the Ravens at +7 which won without too much of a worry.  Next was the Seattle game and I convinced myself that 13 points was too many which proved incorrect.  Fortunately I only put $60 on it so I was ahead for the day.

The next game was the Packers which I was incorrect on for a $75 dollar wager. I bombed back on the Colts for a C-note to put me in the black for 2 straight days.  I also should add that the Shee gave me a Terps pick in college bball which covered me for $45.  This has me up $390 going into the NCAA championship game.  I put $90 on Oregon -7 but I got it at +105.  I know nothing about NCAAF so this is a complete dart throw.

hqdefaultThe weekend was mildly tame as I didn’t go nuts on Friday.  This allowed me to wake up early on Saturday, work out, and feel good for the games.  A highlight was after the Shee put his ball 2 ft from the hole on playoff hole #2, I dropped a hole in one.  This is Mario Golf mind you.  I should have some good posts throughout the week but I’m a little foggy mentally.  It will clear up tomorrow.