Hey Little Guy

Hey Little Guy

Laura and Brookes are away for a couple days and gave me the responsibility of watching their cat Ruby. I know everyone loves cats so I might as well write a post about the cat terror that occupies Bonsall St.

The last line could not be further from the truth because Ruby is really a sweetheart. Always curious but lovable and would never harm a fly.  I’m not a huge pet guy but I enjoy this little girl’s company.

I apologize in advance for the horrible Dr. Evil but this is the funniest line of the movie.

One thing I learned though is that I have no desire to own a pet. I visit Ruby twice a day for about a half hour each visit and am left to wonder what the cat does for the other 23 hours. With no ability to take care of herself, I seriously feel bad when I leave her alone for hours on end.

I imagine the cat exploring every inch of the apartment but how many inches are there after months of exploring?  I suppose she may sleep a lot but this cat is more of a doer than a sleeper.  I’m sure she enjoys her physical exercise as shown below.

Her dexterity is high but endurance is low. This is probably the highlight of her day. Brookes is concerned her claws scratch the floor but her enjoyment level is so intense that I like to keep her energy level high. Only one more day left and she’s still ticking!