Last night I went to CK4 and Nikkii’s house to attend a get together with my parents and a friend who we don’t see that often. We had a good time sharing stories and hanging out but the inspiration for this post came from that night.

negotiations-620x350While I was sleeping I had a dream that CK4 and I were negotiating a massive deal for a new technology that we invented. For the life of me I can’t remember what the idea was but we were seated on one side of table and on the other side was an investor like Chang from Million Dollar Arm. In the room with us with us was a college cheerleading team eating pizza. Anyway, at one point Chang said he had one final question that involved the distribution of retro fitted technologies (quite the curve ball). We said we didn’t understand the question and he said he couldn’t make it any clearer. We took recess to discuss and after that he disappeared.

PhinneycrashUSPRO_MRR514-022-660x440In another bizarre dream that night one of our business competitors in real life opened up a store down the street from our location. As I was perusing their retail store a biker who tripped and broke his leg was brought into the store. I was laughing because these types of events were bound to happen often.

I’ve been short of ideas and this was the most interesting story that came to my mind. Sorry.