The football season was a let down for me when I consider fantasy, gambling, and Fanduel.

My $350 investment in fantasy (4 leagues) has a chance to win $1,400 if I win both championships I’m in.  Most likely I’ll go 1/2 and net about $350. I’m still kicking myself because in a $150 dollar league I made a bad start that cost me and my team would have won this past week. In the two leagues I’m in the championship, I’ve ripped off 13 straight wins. The good.

horschel-billyMy gambling on the games can be viewed near 0 sum because I was playing with Billy Horschel money but the reality is I lost ~250.  I tapped out 2 weeks ago so I had roughly 13 weeks of action.  The bad.

I’m down $600 dollars in Fanduel over the course of the season which is quite disheartening because I pay way more attention to football than the majority of people. When viewed over the course of 3 months at about 50 bucks a week, I can’t find better entertainment on a Sunday. The ugly.

To give something in the post that people may find more interesting, here is my work in Photoshop.

A Special Guest

TC is Forrest Gump


A Nuclear War

Bat Baby – This one looks the simplest but the original picture had his wing clipped (you can actually still see the discoloration). Learning how to edit the picture to put the wing back takes some practice.