sandersThis idea sneaked up on me like the hit delivered to Emmanuel Sanders last week.  I was going to use the word snuck but apparently it’s not proper English.  What crossed my mind was that enjoying the NFL was no better than liking Kim Kardashian.

How could these two even compare you ask?  The NFL is a billion dollar corporation that provides the highest form of sporting entertainment combined with multitudes of ways to gamble on it.  Kim Kardashian is a talentless woman with a huge ass, monster tits, and a husband who compares himself to Jesus.  The similarities are non-existent.

Not so.  Both are huge time wasters.

nfldonationAs a huge fan of the NFL, devoting time to following its every move has no effect on anything.  It’s essentially a more civilized, modern day Gladiator event.  For all the money and emotion that is committed to the NFL, what’s the payoff?  Loads of jobs are created and the NFL gives back small percentage of it’s profits but it’s owners who are stuffing their pockets with mullah.  In the end it’s a form of entertainment no better than Kim K.

kim-kardashian-gifs-10212013-15Kim K also gives nothing back except a show about her pointless existence, some fashion trends, and pictures of her huge dumper.  Yet people will pay her millions of dollars, download her stupid game millions of times, and she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

You’re probably saying, so what?  Yesterday was the first day I ever thought that the NFL was pointless.  Grown men throwing a ball around a field never dawned on me that other people find this activity stupid.  The same way I think people who devote time to celeb mags and reality show are wasting it, I’m a hypocrite doing it with football.  Now when do the fantasy playoffs start?