I went to watch Sam yesterday run the Philadelphia Marathon. The marathon is a unique event in that it takes 3 hours to complete (if you’re fast) and a spectator watches the runner for about 1 minute of action. I woke up at around 8 am, which was about an hour after the start, and ran to the half way point. My mom, sister, and I saw Sam pass and then we had an hour to kill before Sam finished. We posted up about 100 yards from the finish line. This brings me to this woman.

Marathon Bitch

Crazy Person’s Backpack

FarmvilleBellShe may have been mentally handicapped. I honestly don’t know. This woman barges her way up to rail relentlessly ringing a cow bell. I swear for 3 minutes straight she was ringing her cow bell. I was getting annoyed after 15 seconds but was being patient that she’d wear herself out. She didn’t.

I said, “Ms, please stop ringing the cow bell.”
She said, “I’m not ringing it in your ear.”
I said, “It’s annoying. Can’t you ring it when your runner comes.”
She said, “I don’t know when she’s coming.”

Gore Tex PM LogoI suppose a normal response for a crazy person for why they should ring it non-stop.  I was even more annoyed by her goon husband standing beside her not doing shit.  This is where he needs to step up and tell this nut job to stop ringing the cow bell. Runner’s for the most part are a little bit crazy but this one was certifiable. Like I said, she may have been mentally challenged. I was about 2 seconds away from losing it and tossing the cowbell into the adjacent field but she left after what seemed like an eternity.