Last time I went off bragging about myself I ended up in a bloody mess but, alas I will try again. The Sunday before my blood test I wound up drinking from 10am till 8pm without really eating a whole lot in between. They tell you to fast from 12am till the time you take it which was at 9 or so. I did the fasting part fine but I had some concern that the test might be a bit skewed. Nevertheless all my blood counts were normal. I had normal sugar levels, normal electrolytes, normal kidney tests, and get this NORMAL LIVER TESTS. Everyone single one fell into the range of a normal functioning liver. My high density lipoprotein (this is the good cholesterol: the higher the number the better; aerobic exercise can increase this) was 82 and a good number for a normal human is 40. I’m twice as good physically as a normal human. I actually came in with a low density lipoprotein (this is the bad cholesterol: the lower the number the better; this is the type that deposits in the blood vessel walls; decreasing saturated fats or medication can decrease this) of 106 and it says <100 is a good number meaning that my diet is too fatty and I should probably decreases the fats and increase the fruits and veggies. Unbelievably though I'm a healthy human being. I may be stupid but at least I'm stupid and healthy. I'm actually in really good spirits for what has transpired and I'm maintaining a positive attitude through the next weeks.