I sometimes wish that I just lived in Nebraska, working on a farm and tending to crops to make a living. I really wouldn’t care about making a lot of money but owning some small house, working outside under the beating sun, and raising a family in the simplest matter has it’s appeal. No pressures or complications, just pure and simple lifestyle. A big day would be some farm animal getting loose in the yard. No stock market or daily annoyances from customers, just simple is as simple does. Which brings me to my life and its non stop roller coaster.

Let’s begin with my braindead move at the end of the day on Tuesday. I’m leaving work at 5pm (already bad) and I see this guy in a uniform riding a bike and putting a ticket on a car. My garage leads to a one way street that I literally have been driving up for the past 5 years. Well today of all days I grow some huge balls and pretty much think that this guy isn’t a real officer and that even if he was I’d be able to get away. Well if you can’t tell where this is going… I start up the street and hit the accelerator to get a head start and as I reach the street to make a right, I see this bike flying up the sidewalk and at this point I pretty much know I’m fucked but I’m going to play it off. So I make the turn and the guy wheelies up the sidewalk and cuts me off as I’m stopped at a stop sign for literally 3 seconds. He walks to the window and says you just went up a one way street. I look at him with this dumbfounded look like “yeah no shit, you’re right.” So he writes me a $119.50 ticket but tells me he’s cutting me a break because I should be getting 3 points but he’s letting me slide. Yee-ha. So that puts me at 2 traffic violations in 10 years of driving. Most likely you have no idea how badly this fucks up my life. I speed, rolling stop through stop signs, run red lights, obviously go up one way streets, and now we have a big problem because of this minor blemish on my record. I like to think of the way I drive as a cautious maniac but now I’m moving straight into the cautious, avoid ticket mode.

I did a 12 mile run Tuesday which made me feel better but my system is still whack from the bike race. I’ve hardly eaten anything since then and I felt like I weighed nothing on the run. I was shocked when I weighed in at 172 because I know I haven’t been that slim in a long long time. It’s already past Tuesday and I still am feeling shitty from Sunday. It really comes down to making some life changes and if I have to entertain the idea of moving to Nebraska to make things better, I might be in some trouble. I have 2 weeks of vaca coming up. The first week is with my family down the shore which usually involves some heavy drinking and the 2nd week with college friends who I haven’t seen in a while and this crowd is even heavier drinkers. I know I can hang but the damage I’m going to do to my body may be severe. If anyone knows of some cure all for drinking and not feeling like shit, I may have to purchase a lifetime supply. I’m not proof reading this either because it’s late and I have to wake up early to head down to NYC with my brothers and dad as we are taking a tour of wall-street. Toodle-loo Motherfucka.