Today I concluded that there is only one character trait that I’m looking for in a female, and that is letting me make my left hand turn when the line up the hill is completely backed up on the right side. Sounds absurd I know, but today some pretty attractive girl stopped completely, hand signaled me to go and then I looked through her windshield and she smiled and waved. I was beside myself that someone could be so enthusiastic and nice about such a simple thing that should be such common practice but goes unnoticed. Now I probably wouldn’t be making this entry if the woman had been 300 lbs with a beard instead of a 21 year old nice looking blonde, but I’ll still delve into why I’m even writing this.

First off, this move shows common sense. There is a long line of people and she isn’t going anywhere so there is no reason not to let someone make a left. One could argue that if I was making a right then I’d be impeding her progress and slowing down everyone behind, essentially budging the line. However, I can’t tell you how many people are aholes about this and make it all about them. Next, since she can see the oncoming traffic, she alerts me that no one is coming and I’m not going to get sideswiped because that would pretty much ruin my day. I would be getting hit on the passenger side though so I’d survive. Another selfless act where she could have been a prick and let me fend for myself. Considering I’ve been doing this drive for 2+ years now you’d think that I wouldn’t be awestruck by this act but I honestly can’t remember a time where as I was passing by and gave a wave of gratitude, that it was actually returned with a “no problem” wave and a smile that at 7am is certainly not expected and nevertheless looking as fine as it did. So in those 5 seconds of driving, I learned enough about this person that I found my dream girl. Selfless, pretty, hot shades (I actually don’t understand the shades and driving but she looked good so it’s OK), nice, drove a jeep cherokee, no guy in the passenger seat, and a beautiful smile with perfect teeth. The fact that I don’t know anything else about her is fine because I honestly think that’s all I need. I’m not really sure if that would make me shallow or deep. Shallow in the sense that she was a hot blonde and I’m making up my mind in 5 seconds that I would marry her on the spot or deep because if I believe she had these qualities I could reason in my mind that she’s the only one I’d need.

I’m well aware that this is a far reaching and pretty out there post but the more I go through life the way people handle the small things tell a much bigger story about themselves. So when I equate these small acts of kindness to a telling story about her personality, I do believe what I write is true. An example, I have a friend who I owed 3 dollars to. Now it’s only 3 dollars and no one would say anything if I didn’t do anything at all, but the process of me going up to him and saying “here’s the 3 dollars I owe you,” means more than probably any amount of money because it’s the right thing to do. People downplay little stupid things like this but they really are the fundamentals of trust, virtues, and honesty. I feel like Maximus for that last line. I also think I should make clear that “I’m no angel” (by Greg Allman and actually a pretty good song) and have flaws just like every other human but I certainly don’t live obliviously and I try my best to become a human being that I hope people will say, “yeah he used to get way too fucked up and party way too hard but he was honest, reliable, and wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone but himself.” (I also have the backs of my friends so I probably would hurt someone else if it came to it). Alright I’m done preaching my value system.

If the girl who was in front of 200 Green Lane at about 7:17am today reads this, I’ll be leaving the driveway at the same time everyday for the next year to propose.