Avalon SunsetThe family took a vacation to Avalon this week.  We have been here since Saturday and it is quite a different scene than during the summer.  A family friend had a wedding at the Windrift which was the catalyst to this.  I am not complaining.

After not taking a vacation this summer, I felt I owed it to myself to enjoy some time off.  I fight to urge to think much about work and have been filling my time with various activities like spending time with the family, reading, learning German, and exercising.  There is a pool in the back yard and I’ve been swimming some laps which is an activity I always say I’d do but never get the chance.  I’ve been feeling good and see what it feels like to not have to work and the only priority to be to enjoy oneself.

I’ll also add that Avalon is a ghost town during this season.  This comes as no surprise but seeing is believing.