I know I haven’t had a post in a few days now, it’s not like I’m not trying. Sometimes I’ll sit down and try to write something and I’ll get a few hundred words in and I then just give up because I don’t think it’s coming out right. It’s pretty frustrating honestly. I also think the lack of posts had something to do with my lack of fulfillment in my days. I wasn’t working out and had a pretty bleak outlook for a couple days. Not bleak as in my days are numbered but more so like where is my life heading and what have I been doing with myself these last years. I also think I’m at a quarter life crisis of sorts where I’m past my youth and into this next part of my life which I think I’m begrudgingly entering. Nevertheless, I feel better now and have gotten my shit together. Things are going well at work and I’ve exercised the past 3 days. I also am re-watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which I find extremely entertaining. I finished my Hunter S. Thompson biography which puts me at a loss of reading material. I’ll probably make a trip to Barnes and Noble and pick up some things, although it doesn’t make sense because I could just take out all good material from the library. I’m going to end this now and probably post again shortly about other things happening but I felt the need to update this and at least confirm that I haven’t quit.