I’ve been very lazy lately. I’ve went from an exercising almost daily to being a slug. I’m still doing things but I don’t consider them active in the least. Softball, tennis, and golf don’t cut it. I blame myself entirely as I have ample time but no real drive or effort. I do intend to change that around though in the future. After coming back from the sales trip I pretty much had a regular, redundant weekend which I don’t feel like embellishing for this blog. A 5 game series vs the Wagon in beer pong was probably the highlight which isn’t saying a whole lot. He won by the way and if I didn’t add this sentence I’m sure I’d hear about it. My Sunday consisted of 2 cigars, 8 beers, and a round of golf where I think I played fine for this early in the season. I was 94 and didn’t get off the tee great and gave away a few shots here or there. Everything else is good though and hopefully I will do a better job of updating this with better entries.