downey-jr-where-should-the-iron-man-franchise-goThe brief article I read said that Robert Downey didn’t even make a movie in the time period June 13′ to 14′ and was still the highest paid actor.  All the income was residual through Iron Man 3 which was apparently a big movie.  The interesting thing to note among the other actors is how close the totals are to each other.  When studios are negotiating for an actor, there is a tight range that seems to apply to most.  Unless you are wise like Downey Jr and get paid on the back end for how well your movie does, you’ll only make 30-50 million.  I use only because this is peanuts to the studio.


Actors Income from Movies

Robert Downey — $75 million
Dwayne Johnson — $52 million
Bradley Cooper — $46 million
Leonardo DiCaprio — $39 million
Chris Hemsworth — $37 million
Liam Neeson — $36 million
Ben Affleck — $35 million
Christian Bale — $35 million
Will Smith — $32 million
Mark Wahlberg — $32 million


I can’t remember the last time I went to the theater.  I think it was to see Superbad 7 years ago.  The theater doesn’t do it for me.  I’ve completely swapped to preferring TV series from a movie.  The best movies of 2013 were Iron Man, Hunger Games, and Frozen.  Negative interest from me.  Compare that to GoT, True Detective, and Breaking Bad.  Stop the Fight!.

I don’t have a problem with these actors but I can give a simple overview of how I see them in relation to their pay.

Downey – Fine actor.  Hard not to like.  Smart contract.

The Rock as Hercules

The Rock as Hercules

The Rock – Likeable, decent actor but needs a certain role to play it well.  Definite box office draw and worth the cash.

Bradley Cooper – Overpaid.  Liked him in Wedding Crashers when he wasn’t the star.  Hangover / Silver Linings didn’t do it for me.

Leo – Earns his cash from all the years of hard work.



Chris Hemsworth – Never seen his work  (Thor and Star Trek).  Also had no idea it was his brother in Hunger Games which I also didn’t see.

Liam Neeson – Get back to doing real movies like Schindler’s list and being Qui Gon Jin and not this Taken bullshit.  Every movie now is someone getting captured or killed and him being a bad ass.

Affleck – I enjoyed Argo and genuinely like Ben Affleck.  The whole gambling / card counting only added to his likability.  I think we’d be friends in real life.

bale in machinist

Bale in Machinist

Christian Bale – Phenomenal actor and worth every penny paid.  Goes to lengths unheard of.  Have you see the Machinist?

Will Smith – Does he age?  Does he still do relevant movies?  Haven’t seen anything he’s been in since I Am Legend (which sucked).

Mark Wahlberg – So 2008.  I don’t really know why people are so in love with him.