dan-bilzerian-with-girlDan Bilzerian has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram. He posts pictures of himself with models wearing practically nothing and shooting big guns. The dude is ripped from head to toe and leads a life style that most of us only dream of. He did an interview with Howard Stern for over and hour which gives further insight into his life.

The first thing to understand is that he’s worth about 100 million dollars. He claims most of it was from playing poker and described that he’s not the best but plays in the best games. Meaning that he doesn’t play against pros, but wealthy business men. Howard was out of his element discussing the poker area of Dan’s life. He had some amusing anecdote about Tobey McGuire being a tightwad at the table and making a fuss over 15k. This part of the interview was pretty ho hum.

Dan’s dad was a savvy businessman in the 80’s involved in takeovers and is worth something like $400 million. Without his dad’s background, it’s hard to imagine Dan Bilzarian would have the start needed to be who he is now. He claimed he started playing poker with $100 dollar buy ins so he’s “self made”, but the money was already there.  This was after his Navy Seal days which explains his fascination with guns and hardo mentality.

bilzerianHe’s a dude who can do whatever he wants. He’s chiseled like a statue, does mad drugs (had a heart attack at 25 from taking too much coke, weed, MDMA, and viagra), bangs mad bitches, and has created his own celebrity status through Instagram photos.

Dan BilzerianWhen the interview finished I was pretty indifferent on Dan Bilzerian. I didn’t love him or hate him. He was a normal dude who made a lot of money and now does whatever he wants. His one piece of advice was to set up the situation so you can’t lose. If you are going to a party, set one up that has 300 girls and 50 guys and the results will tip themselves in your favor. This is much easier said when you are sitting on 100 million dollars but it’s a thoughtful viewpoint to win at life.  He was also a fan of not selling out and always being yourself which is commonplace advice.  Interesting guy though because he does whatever he wants.

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