It’s easy to take a minor grievance and turn it into something bigger than it is. Here are a few examples from my life that tick me off.

grouptextsGroup Texts – Group texts have their place. When a large group of people are meeting at a certain spot at a certain time, group texting makes the most sense. A group text should be a succinct, brief communication method that has a focal point. When I start to get annoyed is when there are 10 people on a group text, organizing an event that’s going to happen 2 months from now, and lasts 50 messages where my opinion is worthless. This translates to mass emails as well. Pertinent information I’m fine with. Ask yourself, is Tom going to delete this email? If the answer is yes, don’t send it.

Losing in Basketball
– I’ve been running hoop now for the past few weeks to stay in shape. It has actually replaced running for the most part for me. When I have to drive 15 minutes to the courts, find parking in a crowded ass place, and then finally get in a game, I can’t stand losing. Today we lost, some random kid in jeans called next, we waited a game, and then Adam missed out getting on our team because some scrub was too stubborn to sit. Bad situation. This goes hand in hand with a little kid playing with my ball, taking it over to another court, having grown men take the ball from the kid, and then me having to tell them it’s my ball with no marking whatsoever to indicate it. I did learn though from a youngin’ that our 4 white person basketball shoes don’t even combine to be worth the KD’s.

Forgetting+anything_62e53b_3782960Forgetting TV When I Watch it Drunk
– Last night I drank 5 12 oz Rolling Rocks and 3 16oz Lagers in a span of 5 hours. This isn’t a huge intake for me but it’s enough to get me buzzed. I got back at about 10pm last night and wasn’t quite ready to fall asleep so I put on an episode of Fargo. Alex told me he liked Fargo and I’ve been watching it. His reason for liking it was Billy Bob is great. A second time I saw him he told me about Fargo and said, “Billy Bob is great.” I was thinking to myself, “dude I get it, he’s a good actor, I’ll give it a shot.” After watching the first 7 episodes, Billy Bob is great. Anyway, I watched 26 minutes last night and sit here writing this post with 0 idea of what I actually watched. I have to go back and rewind it and essentially watch it again. Doing anything that you want to remember when you are drunk is pointless.

d4cda5087387fafc846d11a95214baf7b2ad6da3dddf2756372c2477c9fb0a75Me Telling Sam His Post Sucked
– Was this a nice thing to write? No. Would I be annoyed if I was him. Probably. I just like making it known that I know I’m being a dick when I do things like that and hope he doesn’t take it to heart.  No one likes being told what they write sucks even if it does.  I don’t do it to get my own personal satisfaction either.  I read the post and honestly didn’t take much out of it so I told him it sucked.  It was mean spirited.  I can do better.

missing_ff10a2_1116477Missing the Trash Can – Trash cans have some force field around them when you try to throw trash in them. Everything I throw from more than a foot away hits the rim and bounces under the most annoying spot to pick it up from.  I’m not a huge proponent (no clue if I used that word right) of the chart on the right because if I miss, I don’t waste my time shooting it again.